May 25, 2007

One Such Doll Pocket

Your tiny purse pocket for doll hands to pinch open....
On which, 5 petaled blossoms huddle together. "Can we all be seen?" they ask. Violet, rouge, naked white. Wide eyed and curious on their bubble gum backdrop. Just glossed lips - the scent is a sketch.

Doll fingers flick and part. Shiny word clumps land on corduroy and suede. The purse mouth gapes, pink and new. White tongue telling you what it's made of, "keep me clean!" and it will hold your wish:

*your insane little cat charm with its 360 degree grin, reminding you that it's perfectly alright to be writing how you choose.

*your rock of chocolate striations, like an iridescent layer cake. The leaning tower of well-being tucked inside the parcel

*and your prosperity - pale and flat, well sucked by the dolly purse mouth tasting sweet as promised.

take what you like...

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