May 29, 2007

My crippled room (through the prickly peephole)

Slugs crawling through my head tonight!!
I cup my hand to my ear to hear their slimy screams.
Fear upon fear.
They're stealing things inside my mirror.
Don't fuck me this way....
(little snail mind rapists!)
What are you planning in there while I'm glazing?
What a terrible way....
Yes, you may.......
touch my breast. Just don't take my heart away.
I worry you lie about your name, your fame,
what were you doing here again?
Orange then white then orange then scream!
Gone, trapped, drawn to the place where dreams go green.........

(eyeballs pinched up in an eyelid sac
pillow flight,
                      night sight.........)

Groaning sky. Stuttering land mine. No sharper than a worry stone.
You were there dulling down my dream knife.
Seeing through my paper cut eyes, just wide for a wick of light....
You blew me blind and I fumbled for my eye
(When did my head become a burnt sky?)
I coughed through soot as I regained a look and there I saw
face after face swaying in a fly papered nook.
Stuck still. Hollow men chill.
No eyes to tag names.
The place where the dead go when they forget their graves.

*           *          *          *

Running toward the edge of the sky
there must be a side I haven't tried
morse code sky calls
yes! I see! but have the maps lied...?
flashing tethers, lightning signs
songs skip and tear me blind
ugly little pain in my ugly little mind
I imagine you.... coaxing time....
I'm looking for your polka dot start
the one that's shaped like a tinsel dipped heart
key dangling, you play your part
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
you're the winking red light
sweet slow beat
you're the crying down my arms
the shadow at my feet
I want to make love to a star
.....and retreat....

clear the world inside my sleep

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