April 7, 2019

No difference.

I always hear why you don't want it. Never why you do. I never hear that you need it, need me. Like I'm longing to.

September 13, 2015

We'll See

A hair wrapped at my collar
warns me of rope
I pluck but I miss the root
Stunned and gagged
I'm so sorry I missed you.
I'm looking back at picture day
and thinking of the black teeth
"Primp and mutter something toothy," He says with a lisp.
Flash, you're it.
The camera looks so pretty.

Keep me Up.

My hand has red valleys.
The silver pleads guilty and slinks.
It's me.
The fan in the corner braids hair with it's fins.
The rib cage denies cancer.


There's an effort
while I pace these
yellow walls.
There's an ache when I tell
the snake:
"Hiss? I'm sorry, you can't
'really' fly."
I walk wooden floors
remembering when they made
my feet dance.
Kicking my soles until my
toes couldn't resist.
Happy days.
The bird in the
corner screeches
"I'm crooked! Where did
the star
by the window get off to?"
I say "Ask the Frog, he should be
King by now."