May 1, 2007

The Alien in the Cave Dream

I'm in an underwater cave. The walls are moist and there is shelving along my right side. Above these shelves are rounded windows each with four triangular panes of glass. They are outlined with knotty, twisted vines as thick as tree branches.

The shelving holds precariously stacked computer remains - monitors (plastic fossels really), cords, chunky metal hunks of panels and screws - covered in thick dust. The atmosphere is dark and humid. A natural sort of light wafts in throught the windows and illuminates the area above my head. Select objects are highlighted - a dirty monitor screen, dripping water on the craggy walls.

I'm higher than I should be. I'm either very tall or floating somewhere near the center of the room. In front of me setting quite a bit lower is a long green alien streching horizontally on a chaise lounge. It's propped up and staring at me with one large pus-seeping eye. A myriad of warty tenticles lie along the bed, flitting every so often and resembling a bucket of worms. It's body is slime covered. It appears squishy. It says to me, "I cut your heads off every day and replace them with computer monitors. You never seem to notice."

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