April 6, 2007

A Note To...

Me (to do and end quickly): dull daze (ick). bring my color back to me. my ghost? where'd you go? agoraphobia....i dislike you. I envy yesterday's vibrancy....and the heart-shaped lentils in my soup.

You: you know who you are: my voice when breath dies, my eyes when sight flies. i will cherish forever your ability to know just when.... thank you. and for the letter written. complete as ever. you never miss a thing when it comes to me. forever x.

Those: does anybody feel the doll breath? eyes to lips. crimson stream. doll breath is still here and it's dying. tattered skin ( i trace your face), scrap of dress in dingy lace. people are people. just love.

Words: worst of worst, they are abandoning my mind-to-finger trail. best of best, here they are. i love you, my darlings.

Neighbor: ah, tommy is fine. and don't cry. that was sad.

Critter: you are behind me tucked into a loaf of black cat. i like your purr.

all set.....

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