December 4, 2013


You just said...
You never said.....
You told me that you passed the stuffing.
What stuffing?
The Thanksgiving innards. The kind roasted inside a silly white sacrificed beast
Where's your manners?
Manners?! Cutthroat
Gnaw my bones, check the stars, pick my all alone battle
I choked on the wishbone you stole for me. Now it's yours... Again you score
Let's bow our heads and hide, say our prayers with a little peach luck inside
You gotta lotta drink inside you, girl
Better let it lay low and stabilize you(!), YOU, the girl
For real, my tongue is sick
It's stretched on a stretcher in a straight jacket form of stitch
I'm a maze, turkey table, pass the gravy, coat me
It's how you play to make my mind disown me
Let's pause, tongue twister men
Dinner's dead, back alive, realigned
Give me clock,
Give me breath,
Give me gravel fists instead
You wanna wish!

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