November 1, 2007

Park Play

Playground...... pictures and thought:

The chipmunk who said 'Ride me! I'll hide you in the sky' Though I couldn't oblige.... a spider had stolen my time.....

Enemies of the chipmunk! They boast they'll take you higher. They do, of course, but the chatter is less. (plucking stars can get lonely......)

Zoom on the falllen warrior.....or angel, more likely. Little swing, giver of flight. Dead.

Interpretation of a game: basket the cloud and the rains always flow up again....what is it about the sky that turns everything to 1? disintegration....boundaries are zero. Add that to us....simply put, we make plus one..... positive.
 Here I am finding a seat, new promises of amazing to fly through the air (even if a seat and chains came with me!). But what's stranger still, the picture proof....i come with a shadow.....oh no! I'm solid!....the curse, the curse.....

xo, KrissyDoll

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