June 17, 2020

He from the Sea

the moon shallow dives to meet you

under a midnight sea

you never looked more lovely than this time

wearing 4 feet of tide

an oceanic light

shuffling your private deck of cards

suits of flowers and a crystalline count

your game is insatiable

the way you swap poppies for lavender

your eyes dressed in book bindings

i sit quietly tucked under water lilies

swallowing your incantations

the murmurs of your dewy heart

i'm nourished as only empty can be...

by you.

in your palest skin

flush drained to the sea

the blossoms......the winking stars...

i wish I’d been the one to build your play

dream the colors and set them to tune

the essence of light, sky sugar digits

so pure...

you never waver

only to bleed your grin

for the petal ripples

the bite of the figure

you know what's underneath

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