September 3, 2007

Nearly Full


pale bubble gum pop

opaque truth locked under ashen witchcraft

sky spread

frozen breath easing across a milky lozenge

just a torn open pillow

where the cyclical ring of dreams hovers in wait

hugged by a rainbow-faced lover

loops as pink as cat ears

why do the colors hug white?

cling to the side of a featureless bulb?

I can only imagine...

tears riding the winds

softened faces bright in the liquid mirrors

cradeling the veil of the unknown

the wheel of here and there

their home to run to

our home

when we call out into the night

and stream breathless under the canopy dark

the perked ears of dew

plummet to our eyes of smiles

snapshot the mirrors

we rise, caught in time

a frame of thought, imploring minds

kisses stream across our lids

as the sky falls in love with our dreamworlds again...

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