August 7, 2007

The Rhythm

sky poems ride on the rain

fall into puddles and colapse...

a little wet world

of colour-soaked sky prayers

birds and breeze trains

spinning in finger tracings...

I kneel before the magic mirror

and mouth my own song

smile in dreamy thought

as the liquid rises

creeping toward my lips

dancing trees quiver before my sight

stars spin in blueberry light...


I memorize the words

learn this magick and

lick at the givings

the fishes sing, the fishes grin

orange blur of swimming story...

I pinch at the sky tales

collecting the rhythm

asking, may I breathe you?

do you have a name...?

no, they say

we ride on waves...

and the pool turns a shade past gone

hovering over a wordless song...

I had what I waited for

now, they move on....

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