June 27, 2007

I remember

I remember how I found a fresh flower massacre, the blossoms strewn helplessely on cement. I wondered their names but their tongues knotted tight and their lips grew a fixed stubborn face. "May I take them home?".... "You should set them on the lawn."
And I said goodbye to my mystery chase...

I remember the beach and how the gulls made me laugh and the water teased the shore with tide tickles. The clouds were ivory leopard spots tacked to blue space and the sand blew warm like parched sea spray.

I remember that one walk where I stumbled on heart spots - plentiful and secretly posed. A potato chip, a sidewalk fault - beautifully random. And I thought, how lovely, are these haphazard love letters and I wondered just who they were for.

I remember waiting outside the wine shop and how, without hesitation, the unconscious pounced on me and wrapped me in it's cloudy cloak. Needle produced quickly, the mystery man stitched 'Lexicon catnap' on my mind dress. I understood in a seconds check and with an O-shaped mouth I penned on my naked page those bitterly true words for the day.

I remember the drive home in the deep dark night and how I must have resembled a pool of tea, for a lemon wedge moon bright in the sky came hovering toward me. Do squeeze! I'd like to feel your life blood.

I remember tomorrow, and I don't even know you! But I'm sure you'll be strung up with butterflies. What's the difference, why the wait? Remember now or at your end? Foresight breeds partly your creation.

*doll kisses*

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