May 8, 2007

Heart-shaped eyesight

I'm wearing my heart-shaped sunglasses. I could take them off and still be all hearts and kisses. I don't have a lot to live with. I don't see so much in one day. But when I feel, I feel with distance. And I suppose when my brain is feeling especially spacious, I could dig around in peculiar worlds that are so interesting. I wonder who judges the fulfilment of life? And why are there standards and barriers from one to another. What makes you, you and me, me?

I have so many questions and aches. But the most pleasant ache is my swollen heart at this very second. I'm happy in the most forlorn way. So strange! (I wonder if that's how HE feels....) I'm having the worst time with making sense today. Ugh, headache! There's something strange with my contacts and I'm not seeing right but it's ok! I'm seeing inside right now and it looks glowing.

I have two appointments coming, Thurs and Fri.... Do not feel like going. I'm tired of talking about my stupid head. I should have started a new medication. I'm supposed to have it well into my system by the appointments but erm, um, Guinness/Heineken binges came first. Hoping I can still explore intoxication while on the meds.

Progress: Sat on my front porch 3 days in a row. In daylight. That looks very lame in typing...... Ah, well.
I'm such a dope. A dope in need of some water. Bye-bye.

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