August 11, 2006

Daily blah blah

My blog is going straight to hell. I've been feeling a little on the mute side. My thoughts are mingling in a ball rather than forming an understandable line.

I'm feeling scared today. I'm worried something is going to happen. Well obviously things happen but I mean something along the lines of being dreadful.

Yesterday's clouds were marvelous. Their underbellies were berry-stained, like they were tickled with a rouge dipped paintbrush. It was difficult to stare at the sight since I was driving at the time.

I'm jealous of all things out of doors. I wonder when I'll return to normal. I feel guilty half my time and completely stupid the other half. Fear is my playmate. I hate it. Windows are my entrapment, a catchall safety net filtering the physical. I love and loathe them equally. I'm equally present and hidden behind them. Until I'm well, my seat is there. At least they give me ample sights to play with. Sherbet colored houses surround me complete with evergreen tips poking over rooftops mimicking chimneys. It's a strange viewpoint but I grow lost in it several times a day. Especially with the fragrant breezes that launch me into dreamland.

I've done well anyway. I must give myself credit.

Ooh a mischievous breeze just tapped me. Change of mood. Now I must confess my morning activities. I built a house of Triscuit crackers and Swiss cheese spread. Smoked almonds created the pitch in the roof. I have a picture to prove it. I'm sorry! For some reason my snack inspired me to become architecturally creative.

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