July 9, 2006

For Peter

I think I fell over you in my sleep
You're not the basic Angel I'd meet on the street
Your halo slipped, it's calling half past 10
and I followed close by

You're like putty crawling over warm sand
You pick me up (I'm just a fool for this man)
I reach around to find a fortunate plan
but it's cleverly dismissed

he's history, he's present
he's running with the shadows
he's like cracks inside a bruised mistake
i'm here for him forever

Midnight's falling over my face
It's just a pleasure snuggled up with a pain
for the man who's scattered desperately
inside my dream

I must admit I like the tip in your hat
You're well engaged save for the days you go flat
Empty veins don't miss a trick
they cry fast

I crave your body close to mine
I'd like to be the one to save you for awhile
you survive with style complete with burgundy thrills
I'll drink you

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