June 15, 2006

Written at 17

She stepped off the safety of her time and entered the world. The breeze, once sweet with familiarity, caressed her aura in a different way. The wind now stronger and defined, picked at her like a vulture would pick on a dying animal. It wound through her hair lifting and settling it. She kissed the air, a first kiss and an awkward kiss, timid and quick. It may bite, she thought, its only a test.

She lifted her eyes to the sun and found she could stare at it with open eyes. There was no more squinting, no more looking away. The sun was there and bright for her. She put her hands high in the air and pushed through the breeze, through the hesitant wall, toward her brightness. She felt its warmth on her eyelids and hands and felt it, this time, kiss her. How sweet this kiss was. How right it was to her. She leaned in through the force and kissed back. She felt purity and all she'd want.

She reached toward the sky to hold her kissing ball but no matter how far she stretched and pulled at the gusty air, the sun wouldnt fall in her hand. Why cant I hold you, she pondered. A taste is too little. All around the wind blew, rustling her and her surroundings. She yelled at it for keeping her from the sun. It pushed her to the ground now, restraining her limbs. She fought for her freedom that it wouldnt give. She stared at her love. Help me, she begged. She gazed so hard it began to hurt her eyes. She could no longer eye her beauty.

The wind held her still. She observed with fascination as the skies parted and the sun spiraled beyond her vision, being replaced by the moon and his field of stars. She looked around at how dark it became in her world. The new presence in the sky held new beauty. Much more to offer, she considered. Please, she voiced to her invisible restrainer, let me kiss him. The air flew underneath her and raised her to the moon. She caressed the stars on the way. How nice you will be to me, she said. He smiled and kissed her forehead. Silly girl, he laughed, I am you.


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