June 25, 2006


He tastes of formaldehyde, lips plumply filled. I taste with my vapor. Breathe deep now. Pale to pale, Are the Angels being good to you? Loving you like I could? Dead to dead, I thought for sure we'd be together. But even now I can't find you in this postmortem promenade. This is all we have I'm afraid but I'll take it until I'm forced to go. For once your still, for once your mine and I'll take it. Remember how we did it? Redder than red, the blades became. Deeper than deep, we fell into our separate graves. Lying with you in yours and still I can't find you. Body to soul, I must have lost you on the way. But I'm here with you now, I'm not going back. You're still and I'll take it.

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